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[Firmware Upgrade] BOOX V2.1.2 firmware upgrade package released!​

Super Plus enjoy! The new firmware for BOOX V2.1.2 is coming! Please come and tell your friends.

This updated model includes Nova Pro, Note Pro, Max2 Pro, Note+, Max2, Note, Poke Pro, Nova, and Notes.


This firmware update is mainly to adjust and optimize the problems that have appeared in the previous version. Let's take a look at what features are optimized.



There are many updates, please understand the upgraded content before upgrading and make necessary backups!



Upgrade content


Neo Reader 3.0

  • Under the increase of the side note mode, the document area supports the highlight word query, and does not support TTS;
  • Increase the lateral direction of the side note;
  • Increase the time format and system settings of the reading status bar;
  • Add bookmark title to rename;
  • Optimize the simplified conversion font library;
  • Adjust the auto highlight, copy the search encyclopedia, etc., without highlighting after exiting;
  • Fixing text in individual PDFs can only be adjusted with image contrast;
  • When fixing double-page reading, the left page of some files will overlap the text;
  • Fixed an issue where some pages of individual TXT could not be turned over;
  • Fix the problem that the location cannot be written after the PDF virtual page flip key is hidden;
  • Fix the problem of syncing the actual position of the page with T0C-bookmarks, etc.
  • Fix the problem that the current page number is not synchronized when dragging the progress bar;
  • Fix the lack of fonts in the Jingdong book part format;
  • The handwritten annotation of the repair image pdf cannot be embedded;



  • Fixing notes syncing to a cloud has a black image;
  • Fix blank note export failure problem;
  • Add support for copying text in other applications and paste it into the text input interface;
  • Increase the internal cross-page copy and paste of notes;
  • Increase the note page adjustment order function (adjust in the note thumbnail);
  • Adjust the residual image refresh problem after erasing (one partial brush every 5 times);



  • Handwriting input keyboard to adjust handwriting and button area;
  • Increase the voice input function, long press the keyboard space button to start (only models with MIC support);
  • Increase the manual cover scan function of the library;
  • Increase account management, support WeChat, mobile phone, email login, support management push and note cloud backup;
  • Repairing an e-book that has been purchased but has been removed from the bookstore cannot be downloaded;
  • Repair the document attachment in the third-party app and download it directly with Neo3.0 (according to the document format supported by the APP itself);
  • Fix Google Play auto-exit account or unable to authenticate login issue (freeze cannot be thawed);
  • Optimize the loading speed of the library when copying a large number of e-books;
  • The browser adds the dictionary to check the words after the word is added;
  • Fix individual APP flashback issues;
  • Some other bug fixes and interface UI beautification.



Upgrade method


1. Online upgrade through OTA directly, support power-off download (please ensure that the power is sufficient, the network signal is strong enough to avoid disconnecting the download midway):

Settings-About - System Update - Check the upgrade package from the network

2. Local upgrade, please download firmware by model to perform local upgrade.


Local upgrade method: Put the downloaded upgrade file into the root directory of the device's built-in storage without decompression; go to Settings - Firmware Update - check for update and upgrade.​

Max 2 Pro

Note Pro

Nova Pro

Poke Pro