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BOOX Max 2

Professional E-reader


  • Unlike LCD screens, 13.3” (similar to A4 size) E Ink high resolution flexible display, best screen size for scanned PDF documents, has no glare, just like reading and writing on real paper.


  • Quad core processor — faster and more responsive than previous generations.


  • Dual touch technology (finger touch + stylus touch) helps you manage your Max2 easier and simpler.


  • Wacom 2048 levels pressure sensitivity gives real pen-to-paper experience. Sketching, drawing, note-taking, and handwriting all become very easy and handy.


  • Android 6.0 offers better compatibility and expansibility to third-party applications.​



13.3″ High resolution E Ink Mobius™ flexible display


  • Sharper and clearer 2200 x 1650 207 ppi

  • Plastic-based lightweighted and shatterproof
  • Glare free, readable directly in the sunlight

  • Perfect size for reading PDF books, no zooming and scrolling

Dual touch

Easily manage your Max2 by either finger or Wacom pen

Redefine E Ink electronics, a lot more you can do on Max2

eReader Mode

Max2 screen size is incredibly good for reading large PDF books. No zooming and scrolling needed, it displays original book size. On Max2 you can enjoy the rich reader features of BOOX eReaders: bookmark, highlight, annotation, scribble notes, reflow, adjust fonts and contrast…and a lore more.

Tablet Mode

Powered by quad-core processor and Android 6.0, Max2 allows you to complete most tasks done on regular Android tablets aside from watching videos smoothly. Install your daily favourite apps: bookstores (Kindle), Cloud( Dropbox), Web-browser, RSS readers, newsstands…Save your eyes from tiring LED screen.

Monitor Mode

Larger than iPad Pro screen, Max2 screen can be used as a second monitor via HDMI port. No hassling to install any software. One single tap will help you to sync your computer screen to Max2 screen. Treat yourself with some luxurious break from your computer screen that causes you digital eye strain.

Your professional digital paper-like notepad

Wacom pen: responsive, precise and smooth

Max2 adopts Wacom creative pen technology, which offers most natural pen-to-paper experience.

2048-level pressure sensitivity

2048 levels of pressure sensitivity gives users good control to create very artistic images and text.

Writing, sketching and note-taking

Write, sketch and jot down your ideas any time and anywhere. Do not worry about running out of pages with 32 GB internal storage. No lagging, just like writing on the paper.



32GB Internal

Android 6 Marshmallow, open operating system beats all

Unlike the closed linux-based E Ink eReader, BOOX Max2 boasts Android 6.0, which empowers BOOX like never before. It gives you the opportunity to maximize Max2 value

It multitasks, just like normal Android tablets

Powered by quad-core processor and Android 6.0, Max2 can run multiple apps at the same time. A single tap to the right up corner will display all running apps.

Indulge yourself in reading on the largest paper-like eReader

Max2 supports over 10 main trend Ebook formats, especially exceptional for reading PDF books. Sharp and dark text, various font options, bookmark, highlight, annotation, handwritten notes, side note, and pinch-to-zoom – all reader features make your reading more enjoyable.



Highlight, Bookmark, Annotation, Dictionary



Take handwritten notes
on PDF files



More menu choices:

zooming shortcuts, contrast adjustment

Pinch to Zoom


Manage font size and adjust screen zooming freely at your two finger tips


Divide the screen into two windows, catch up your sparkle thoughts by writing them down on the blank window page

32GB large storage capacity, carry as many books as you want




Over 6500 books in 5MB each 


Product detail showcase

Max2 is suitable for various professions




Drawing Artist

Product specification



  • 13.3" inch high resolution mobius Eink display
  • 2200 x 1650 pix (207PPI)
  • 16 gray scale
  • Capacitive touch+Electromagnetic pen touch(WACOM)
  • Quad-core  1.6 GHz CPU
  • 2GB LPDDR3 memory
  • 32GB EMMC storage
  • Wi-Fi + BT 4.1


  • Regal refresh
  • Android  6.0
  • Documents format:PDF, EPUB , TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM...
  • Images foramt:PNG, JPG, BMP
  • Audio format:WAV, MP3
  • APP Store:BOOX store (1.9.1)
  • Support DRM


  • Buttons:Menu, previous page, next page, back, power
  • Monitor interface:Micro HDMI
  • Expansion interface:Micro USB
  • Earphone jack:3.5" earphone jack
  • Battery capacity:4100mAh Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery life:Up to 4 weeks (standby mode)
  • Dimesion :325x237x7.5 mm
  • Weight:≤ 550g