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Onyx International Inc.


Today our lives are full of various technological products such as mobiles, tablets and computers, which offer us great convenience in life. This, however, gives rise to a lot of health issues including eye strain, dry eyes, sore irritated eyes, blur vision and headache inducing from eye problems. Our mission is to build state-of-the-art eye-friendly electronics that not only provide you technological convenience but also protect your eyes from digital fatigue.

Onyx International Inc. is a leading Chinese Consumer Electronics Company dedicated to design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of E Ink (ePaper) devices that provide end users paper-like reading and writing experience. Founded by a team from IBM, Google and Microsoft in 2008, Onyx is headquartered in Guangzhou China with an office in Shenzhen, known as China’s Silicon Valley.

One of the main-trend eReader brands BOOX, created and owned by Onyx, has enjoyed great popularity in the international markets since 2009. Aside from the classic 6″ E Ink eReaders, Onyx is typically famous for its large-screen Android-based E Ink tablets such as BOOX Max2 and BOOX Note. In the past ten years, Onyx products have been sold to over 60 countries of 4 continents globally. With a highly professional team in software and hardware development, we offer one-stop solutions to distributors, publishers, education industries and any potential business partners.

Through the course of our growth, it is our vision that we would raise the awareness of intellectual property in books and contents in developing countries and help more talented people to generate high-quality contents to share with the society. We hope that a lot of J.K Rowlings would emerge through our effort and innovation in the long run.

  • 2008: Founded in Los Angles, USA
  • 2009: Headquartered in Guangzhou, China
  • 2009: Introduced BOOX A60, first eReader to the market
  • 2010: Introduced BOOX M90, first large screen 9.7" eReader
  • 2013: Introduced BOOX C65ML, first Android-based eReader with front light
  • 2015: Introduced BOOX E43, first E Ink phone in the markets
  • 2016: Introduced BOOX MAX, largest E Ink eReader
  • 2017: Introduced BOOX MAX2, largest E Ink Tablet
  • 2018: Introduced BOOX Note, portable E Ink tablet

Our partners

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Our advantages

Strong R& D

With over 10 years R&D experience, we have 

built up a skillful engineering team to tackle 

all sorts of technical obstacles.


Proximity to resources such as suppliers, raw 

materials and talents in Guangdong province,

China, gives us the edge to manage cost effectively.


We focus on E Ink ( ePaper) devices only. 

We aim to provide the best-in-class  E Ink 

electronics to the global markets.